A web server for multi-language, real-time synchronization and searchable documentation.

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Multi-language Support

Give your users best documentation experience ever with instantly changeable between multiple languages. Start hosting modern documentation site now!

Real-time Synchronization

Don't waste time on worthless waiting! Keep in sync of your documentation in real-time from any Git hosting sources and never lose a second again.

Full-text Search

The best way to navigate users is being able to search on your documentation, especially the lighting fast search. Why are you still waiting?

More Awesomeness
Stop making documentation as if we're still in 90s!


Markdown is getting more and more popular right now as the language of documentation.


Use webhook to keep in sync at real-time to maximum performance of your workflow.


Never mess up Git history with your customization again, be clean and well-organized.


Built in ability to integrate with Disqus and let users give you feedback directly and instantly.